Personalized branding for every link.

Take your long, boring URL and turn it into a branded preview of your content that works on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Slack, and many more platforms.

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More than just a shortened URL

…and we're just getting started!

Engaging Previews

Generate beautiful, captivating Open Graph preview images to connect with your audience.

Click-through Tracking

Capture and analyze how many people clicked through to your site from your shortened URL.

Sticky Branding

Unshakable branding wherever your shortened URL is shared, bolstering your image.

Easy Support

We're here to help. Reach out to us with any questions or feedback, or just to say hello.

Start with a URL.

End with engagement.

Frequently asked questions

Meet our team

  • Brian

    Co-Founder, CEO

    I've been building rich, responsive Web apps for almost a decade. React is my jam. Coffee is my vice. Unfirl is my adventure.

  • Jim

    Co-Founder, Principal Architect

    My specialty is software development and design, which has been the focus of my 30-year professional career in hands-on technical roles.

  • Kristine

    Chief Product Officer

    I enjoy taking products from idea to production, becoming the product expert and advocate, and creating order out of what is sometimes a confusing and busy process.

  • Cat

    UX Designer

    I love transforming complex interactions into simple and engaging design solutions, utilizing research and data to craft experiences that help empower the user.

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